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10 Artists to Follow on Instagram to Beautify Your House

Whether you’re planning to splash some art in your home or simply want to brush up on your cultural knowledge when showing off art pieces at your house gathering.

Ready for some inspiration? Here are some incredible and insanely accomplished artists with their one of a kind art pieces you can adorn your home with.

As millennials with access to the internet, we all have been guilty of scrolling through endless pictures of beautiful homes on a lazy Sunday. As someone perpetually on the lookout for inspirations for interiors and home decor, aim is to find art pieces that not only makes your house or apartment aesthetically appealing, but warm and welcoming too.

Instagram is one of the go-to social media platforms for inspirational content. Besides beauty, travel, and fashion, users can get inspired by artists and design influencers and it’s a platform where you will get to know contemporary art and its creators. Thankfully, there are plenty of amazing designers and artists out there to provide some much-needed inspiration, and many of them have opted to use Instagram as a place to catalogue their portfolio of work. Decor ideas can come from anywhere — and if you’re someone who’s looking for more inspiration. I’ve curated a group of 10 super-talented artists specialising in a range of disciplines.



Hand painted interior art and wall coverings creator

Get ready to swoon over Diane Hill wall art murals. This artist is all about fresh takes on all things sleek, modern, and functional Far-Eastern art and ancient technique, yet she tastefully adapts classic designs to suit modern interiors.

Diane Hill is a highly skilled painter, creating unique designs for interior surfaces. Her art pieces make impressive plays with texture and shine. She has a wealth of expertise in mural painting, repairs and alterations, having travelled globally to paint in some of the world’s finest interiors. It’s safe to say, Diane Hill art murals are paving her way to the top.

Her art pieces and hand painted wall coverings are the perfect way to create a statement and talking point in your room, and if your aim is to create the ‘wow’ factor this artist is your answer.


A Mexican yarn, textile and street art creator

Bold, bright, and beautiful — that’s how one sees Victoria Villasana’s creations. Her use of colour and texture bring the spice of life right into your home.

Victoria Villasana is a Mexican yarn artist but her work is inspired from different cultures. Her art is often described as a “symbiosis of cultures.” Her trademark pieces, portraits embellished with yarn and pasted up on London streets, mix indigenous Mexican and western art and deliver a healthy dose of rebellious femininity.

The dynamism in her work also derives from the way the yarn is left uncut, bleeding over the ages of the pages, far below the frame giving a surreal aesthetic.

Her creation has taste full of charm, elegance, and whimsy with a dose of bold rebellion. This is part of what makes her special and the reason why I adore her art.



Paper collage artist

Sharlene Kayne, the dazzling artist behind Skynedesigns,  is one of the contemporary paper collage artists that turn paper to life.

She is the epitome of eclectic yet all-time classic. Her paper collage work is a handy creative process of putting together her aesthetic brings us a cool mix of modern art with sleek and classic vintage styles. The art world is definitely taking notice of her creation of Frida Kahlo paintings. Sharlene is fast becoming a fixture in art and home décor. This collage artist has earned our love. I think you will also like her pieces that can lighten up any interior space by their originality and classic yet contemporary style.


A textile, weaving and embroidery artist

Welcome to Judit’s dreamy weaves. Judit Just is a textile artist raised and born in Barcelona, Spain, and lives in Asheville, North Carolina where she develops her textile’s brand, known by Jujujust. She studied fashion design, sculpture and textile art, where she specialized in weaving and embroidery. Interestingly, her passion with weaving began in childhood watching her mom. Her involvement with it led her to immerse herself in the world of weaving and textiles. She takes some old weaving techniques and gives it a twist using vibrant colour combinations and a bunch of beautiful vintage threads.

Judit’s style is distinctly modern and minimal while maintaining a warm and intimate feel. Her art creates spaces look cozy and it gave a room a homey feeling, so cozy that you may just never want to leave. Get swept away with Judit and her divine art work at Jujujust.


Weaving and wrapping artist

Alicia Scardetta is the decor enthusiast’s answer to minimalistic, Scandinavian inspired wild weft as she referred to her art. She is a Brooklyn-based, Texas born artist.

Alicia’s work is largely comprised of one-of-a-kind woven wall pieces that explore the structural variables of tapestry weaving. The vibrant colours, wrapped elements and unexpected compositions found in her work are largely drawn from objects associated with girlhood; including friendship bracelets, jump ropes and hair braids. She truly takes modern and practical design to heart. Her unique style have us hooked up. By weaving these elements associated with her personal memories and identity into her work, Alicia achieves a unique, playful quality with every piece.

Her design inspirations and at-home stylings make us glad for it. Check it out for your bit of Alicia Scardetta.


Award winning needlework designer

What do you get when you mix a stellar needle work designer and blogger in one — Genevieve Brading and her brainchild Floss & Mischief. Floss & Mischief is a home decorator and art aficionado’s paradise. It features everything from elegant stitches, colour inspirations to workshops about stitching experience tips and trends.

Floss & Mischief believe in the soothing power of stitch, and creating something colourful complex and elegant at the same time. Floss & Mischief put a modern twist on needlework. Their art pieces of beautifully stitched butterflies, beetles and other taxidermy elements.

Along with her blog, she also maintains a workshop where she sells self-designed print images.

Floss & Mischief offers a little something for everyone, featuring an assortment of cross stich wall art for every tastes and styles. With its broad appeal, it’s no surprise that Floss & Mischief is an award-winning designer. Can’t get enough of Floss & Mischief? Get more of a feel for Genevieve’s needlework with a twist at Floss & Mischief.


Argentine wall mural artist

Main advantages of the murals are the attractive charm of going beyond the wall.

Flor Chedufau is the mind behind @florchedufau.  Her aesthetic wall mural centres on crisp neutrals with pops of muted colourful flowers and leafy greens in all shades.

Painted or on paper, the murals make reality the fantasy of being part of a scene that surrounds us, as if we were inside a movie.

Exotic jungles with mysteries to explore, surrealist compositions that make us daydream; that painting that fascinates us and that we can contemplate at any time or an exuberant foliage that defies the physical limits of an environment are some of the possibilities offered by these unique works of art that transform everyday life.

This wall mural trend also reaches the commercial premises, after rocking residential areas, which gain value and impact with exclusive works that overflow the walls and also the ceilings. They are perfect if you want to spruce things up in your house.

We can’t wait to see where the artist has stored for us next in her upcoming website.


Creative weave artist

Weaver Fever as it says on her Instagram

Maryannemoodie brings new meaning to the phrase funky and rustic charm. Creator, Maryanne Young, focuses on bringing us “modern funky weave pieces” for our everyday dull interior spaces.

She does just that with her effortless use of weaves, perfectly aged yarn, and threads. All of her elements work together invoking a look that is distinctly past, present, and future all its own. According to her she always loved textiles and woven pieces, for her, have that extra something. The colour and the texture, the way they come out at you away from the wall and beg to be patted and touched. The endless possibilities. Each piece has its own personality.
In today’s millennial fast era, it is such a breath of life to be able to look at art pieces that are so beautifully crafted, that they simply must be filled with good vibrations.

Needless to say, we’re big fans. But don’t just take it from us, followers rave over Maryanne’s work too.


Fibre & mixed media artist

If you want something funky, colourful fantasy yet elegant Kelly Kozma is your girl.

Her art work aesthetic is zippy, fresh, and unexpected. Her style seamlessly blends creamy neutrals and fun pops of color in a creative abstract way.

Her art work is brightly coloured, pattern driven imagery of abstracted worlds. The geometric and geographical forms being used are often reminiscent of this earth but seemingly exist elsewhere.

The techniques combined are hand embroidery, drawing and painting, which breathes a contemporary life into traditional craft. With each meticulous stitch an intimacy generates between the work and myself and an excitement builds as a flat sheet of paper transforms into a textile-based piece.

Truly Kelly Kozma’s artwork has taken us by storm, with her work on a number of high-profile commercial collaborations.


Macramé rope & fibre artist

Mary Maker Studio is one of our favourite Macramé rope and fibre artist.

In true Scandinavian style, Mary Maker Studio makes use of organic materials for an interestingly juxtaposed aesthetically beautiful piece of art.

Mary Maker Studio was founded in Kiama NSW, Australia by Artist Brydie Stewart, born out of her love for home interiors, rich textural mediums and the belief that art can transform and enliven a space.

Each fibre creation is carefully crafted by hand and designed with the concept of bringing energy, warmth and conversation to your space. Brydie has spent decades sourcing exquisite and bespoke materials to weave into her works as she aims to give people a full sensory experience when experiencing them, the want to reach out, to feel and connect with her works is common, and a definite must.

Brydie Stewart’s point of view is both sophisticated and simple, luscious and bare, hard and soft. In many ways, her artwork is like the exquisite and bespoke world that will lighten up any space. You will find Brydie’s work captures a little bit of soul and a whole lot of life. Art and the ability to create and connect, means everything to her. Do let us know what you think of her collection.


We’d also like to hear your recommendations! Is there anyone you love and think we should be following? Let us know in the comments below! We are always on the hunt for our latest home decor obsession.


How to Decorate Your Home Like a Turkish Palace

Just over two years ago, I received a late invitation from a friend asking if I wanted to accompany her to Turkey for a long weekend. Quicker than you can say Bosporus, I packed my bags and headed to the city which unites Europe and Asia, Istanbul, ready to explore its narrow souks for beguiling textiles from across the country.

That trip has since inspired a particular style of decoration which I want to share with you, combining both the ancient and the modern with fresh, travel-inspired ideas to bring Turkish flair to your home.

Istanbul has been the home to Ottoman sultans, artisans skilled in the art of Islamic miniature paintings as well as a thriving hub of design culture. The city is an endless source of inspiration for interior design lovers (as well as gourmet foodies – Turkish Delight….)

No trip to Istanbul is complete without a visit to Hagia Sophia, the Sultanahmet ‘blue’ Mosque, Topkapi Palace and the Grand Bazaar are must-see attractions and glorious monuments to Istanbul’s past. All of these locations are famous for their tiles, which brings me nicely to my first point…

1. If you want your home to stand out from the crowd and have a wow factor, consider adding the iconic floral Iznik tile decals.

Beautiful tiles are a perfect way to upgrade your home without major renovation as you can change the look of your home quickly and without too much work.

Original Turkish blue and turquoise tiles are hand painted and are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens as well as outside patios, stairs raisers and floors.

Timeless colours include electric blues, pure whites, vibrant reds, glorious turquoise and muted petrol blues.

You can find exciting tile designs that combines both the traditional and contemporary on various online shops and companies. They give your home an unusual mixture of delicate, ancient and bold graphic patterns that grab attention and provide a luxurious feel.

Source: Bleucoin, Otto Tiles

Otto Tiles

Source: Otto TilesEbay, Taylor Hawkes

I’m a huge, huge fan of colourful, bold tiles but I also know they can be pretty pricey. You don’t have to spend a fortune to completely transform a room as they also come in economical replicas in sticker form. This revolutionary method needs no time as Installation is as easy as peel and stick.

Source: ShopTurkeyDepositphotosOtto Tiles

2. Using copper accents is a great way to add instant warmth, elegance, and rustic glam to your interior. 

To get lost inside the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is to immerse yourself in a sea of ​​stalls that offer all kinds of copper, brass, silver and other metal handwork. You will see ibrik sets (containers with a spout), coffee pots, ewer (vase-shaped pitchers), large decorative platters, tea sets, spa bowls, lamps and lanterns.  Copper has been on-trend for a long time and I believe it is here to stay. So let’s embrace it with Turkish character and make your interior fresh and sophisticated with a touch of exoticism.

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or just need some original accents around the house, Turkish copper pieces will add that perfect elegance.

Source: Travel Atelier, My Dream Canvas, Universal Companies, Rolandito, The Dusty Old Shack, Matador Network, PopSugar1stdibs and El Ramla Hamra

3. To personalise drawer and cupboard handles, add ceramic Turkish inspired knobs.

To make a house a home, finishing touches are needed.

These ceramic and porcelain flower door knobs in dark blues and beautiful whites will allow you to really express yourself as a person who likes to travel to exotic places around the world.

With their geometric designs and sophisticated blue-and-white florals they also have the power to transform a plain dresser into a stylish cabinet upgrading your bedroom furniture.

Source: Dhgaterinkit and Not on the high street

4. Brighten a dark room, add zest to a cold apartment or divide an open-plan space with an exquisite Oushak carpet.

They are highly sophisticated and decorative rugs that come in gentle colours, great for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Oushak rugs, originally in the small town of Oushak (today south of Istanbul), have been greatly influenced by Persian designs.

Today, Oushak rugs are highly desirable and decorative for elegant room settings as they are soft and luxurious. Also a great option as tapestries on walls.

Source: Bloglovinhomebunchnazmiyal antique rugswovenamazonawsmydomaine

5. Turkish Chandeliers – Ceiling and Table Lamps elaborate in mosaic are perfect for brightening any space with a bohemian touch.

Istanbul is the center of Turkish glass making, a tradition that has materialised into one of the most beautiful Ottoman arts.

These lamps are made by artisans who have inherited the technique of hand-cut coloured glass, a skill that is centuries old in Turkey.

If you are traveling to Istanbul,  one of the best places to buy them is at the Grand Bazaar as they have a large variety of designs and colours. But if you are ready for a new, enjoyable experience, I recommend asking at the tourist office for Turkish lamp workshops, where they teach you how to make one.

Source: Fine Art Americalamptasticbuzzfeed and pinimg

Hope you had enjoyed these Istanbul-inspired Interior Décor and Design Ideas. With so many options to choose from, you can easily add a splash of Ottoman influence to your home without breaking the bank or completely changing your interiors. It has modular influences, which means you can keep adding touches over the years to ensure your home continues to evolve alongside your travels.

Please share your ideas and suggestions in the comments box below. I would love to hear from you.

YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: Add a Mexican Flair to your Home


Add a Mexican flair to your home

As a Latino living in northern Europe, I long for the balmy, tropical nights of Central and South America, spending hours on the veranda with friends and family, soaking in an atmosphere full of laughter and good times. So whenever we experience a mini-heatwave in the UK, I reminisce about the good times, which also makes me think of the bright, vibrant and bold colours we love so much in Latin America.

Take Mexico – its buildings, paintings and decorations evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy usually associated with warm, summery temperatures and vast tropical coastlines.

Inspired by the biggest country in Central America, I’ve come up with six ideas to add Mexican touches to your interiors to fill your home with joy and alegría.

1- Be daring and paint a wall with bright colours such as yellow, fuchsia, orange or colder shades such as blue or green.

Bright colours add light and vitality to any room. It’s not necessary to paint an entire living room with a vivid colour, but a corner or a small wall.

Mexico unsurprisingly ranks second (after Costa Rica) on the 140-country Happy Planet Index, so the use of colours reflects their festive and playful nature.

source: and

source: and erinsummer_

source: kbass941 and Kelli Collins


2- Give prominence and personality to your floors with hand-painted mosaic tiles from Talavera, Puebla.

During colonial times of the 16th and 17th centuries, the Spanish brought their knowledge of pottery and tile making to Mexico. The country has since embraced this tradition thanks to the abundance of quality clay and its knack of producing quality earthenware.

Infuse the spirit of Mexico with highly detailed patterns and brightly coloured tiles if you want to add character to your home.

An eye-catching accent in kitchens and baths, decorative ceramic tiles are also perfect for covering the risers on a staircase or the walls of a patio. Leftover tiles can also make excellent coasters and trivets.

source: and

source: and and

source: and and

source: flikclr and

3- Incorporate objects made of colourful ceramic to create a more original and fun decoration.

Ceramics are an important part of Mexican culture, its intricate hand-painted designs with striking patterns most often associated with flowers are a great addition to any home decoration.

The plants look more appealing if you use pots of vivid colours.

Bowls, plates and kitchen utensils can double up as decorative elements as well as practical crockery – they all have a place in the kitchen.

source: and

source: and Zinnia Folk Arts

4- Generate a warm feeling with the colourful embroidered textiles and Aztec rugs.

There are many indigenous communities that have maintained their textile traditions, from cultivating plants to produce yarns and textiles to the most delicate and intricate embroidery which come from the dense vegetation of certain parts of Mexico.  They often incorporate large flowers and animals as a central part of the embroidery. Again the colour is very important, bright and cheerful tones make family life even more cozy and homely.

source: and

source: and khuskuy


5- Decorate your walls with many small pieces and ornamented frames.

The textures within the Mexican style also incorporate ornaments with nationalist and religious motifs. Catholic Christianity is the dominant religion in Mexico, which has the second-largest Catholic population in the world.

The Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico. It focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have passed away, and help support their spiritual journey. A common symbol of the holiday is the skull which is often represented through masks.

To reflect the folk style, use boxes housed with Virgin Marys (hand-hammered tin art), decorative crosses, sacred heart nichos with wings, a painting of Frida and other shiny and glittery ornaments on the wall.

source: and BoBendana


source: and

6- Decorate your table or corners with colourful plants and beautiful cactus.

Mexico is famously described as a land of deserts and cacti.

Found almost everywhere throughout the country, from Sonora in the north to inland Oaxaca in the south, the cactus has become an enduring symbol of the country’s reputation abroad.

The cactus comes in many hundreds of varieties, but common to all are their resilience to the intolerable desert sun and torrential rain, their gorgeous orange, red, fuchsia and yellow blooms. The agave cactus is also the foundation of that most famous Mexican drink, Tequila.


source: and Primark

source: and

Keen to use some of these vibrant ideas into your home?

Please share ideas and suggestions in the comments box below.

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