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PRINT & PATTERN TREND – Autumn Winter 2019

Usually, at this time of year, a flush of crocuses and daffodils poke through, adding splashes of violet and sunblush all through London’s greenspaces. This year, it’s a blanket of white as late snows bring chaos to the capital. But that’s not going to stop me thinking about spring – my favourite time of the year when everyone’s thoughts turn to the colours and trends which will make headlines over the coming months.

If you flick through images of unique, hand-made items from artisans on my Instagram account (@design.junkie), you’ll see I’m passionate and attracted to experiences, colours, shapes, silhouettes, patterns, lines, dots, textures on textiles, wallpaper, tiles… you name it, all sort of crafts and art! The love comes from my never-ending curiosity for all things new – I’m always seeking fresh and vibrant styles that inspire me every day, and I hope they will inspire you too!

Talking of inspiration, this new season brings a splash of retro creativity and trends back into fashion and I’m so excited to share three out of five print and pattern trends for Autumn Winter 2019 that my good friend Patternbank has shared with me:Kabuki’s Kingdom, American Prairie and Bright blooms – Here we can see homespun looks, prairie landscapes, Japanese theatre, gold and black, vibrant ditsy florals, liberty florals, retro blooms. YES, tones of flowers; many of you have already started to see these flowery influences on the High Street.

These three are probably my favourites print and pattern trends for Autumn Winter 2019 at the moment but I promise, I’ll talk about the other two in a future article, so stay tuned!

1- Kabuki’s Kingdom Trend

The Kabuki’s Kingdom trend is dramatic. Inspired by Japanese theatrical collections, we still see flowers but with soft colours. The Kabuki’s Kingdom trend brings together Theatrical Compilations/Decorative Pattern/Japanese Theatre/Pictorial Imagery/Stand Out Prints/Gold and Black/Embroidered Detail/Abstract Shapes. This makes me think of oriental water garden and geisha with soft eastern harp music.

Images: Patternbank


Images: Patternbank

2- American Prairie Trend

This trend is fresh and brings me to the calm countryside, to massive open spaces and incredible golden light of the American Mid-West but combined with the delicacy of the precious flowers and detailed stitching. Patternbank describes it as: American Prairie, mood and direction as Little House on the Prairie/Homespun Looks/America Mid-West Styling/Vintage – Patchworks/Prairie Landscapes & Florals/Autumnal Hues/American Heritage Looks Neutral Art.

Images: Patternbank

3- Bright Blooms Trend

With Bright Blooms trend, we keep the going with the floral theme but with vivid intensity! This, instantly, gives me joy with the daring contrast of a dark background mixed with this gorgeous bright summer garden touch. We can see Retro Blooms/Bright Clashes/Simple Shapes/Vintage Finds/Liberty Florals/Bold Colour Schemes/Crowded Layouts/Vibrant Ditsy Floral/Dark Ground Prints/Intense Pattern as described by @Patternbak

Images: Patternbank



It is great to see this explosion of vibrant colours and nature; but, will flowers make it to the end of 2020? Would you like to know more about rapidly evolving trends? Please share ideas and suggestions in the comments box below.

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