Our Story

Hi! I’m Julieta Tello welcome to Design Junkie, my nomadic bohemian space.

Open your eyes to all of the incredible ways you can give your home a new life.

Design Junkie is an experimental space, sprinkled with bright colours, a place where you breathe creation, mix of cultures and good vibes. I aim to blur the line between art and interior design, and to add touches of bold colour and bohemian texture to any space.

I am Argentinean by birth but live in London. After 20 years of working as a Marketing professional in global corporations I decided to follow my genuine passion for exotic textiles from around the world and become a story-teller decorator.
I had this recurring dream for many years; to discover exotic corners of the world, connect skilled artisans and talented craftsmen and women in developing countries and bring their incredible products to a wider audience while helping to sustain their traditional methods, to add colourful treasures to homes across the world, helping their owners to travel with their minds thousands of miles from their living rooms. After much deliberation and encouragement from my husband, I begin my journey in January 2016. I’m incredibly grateful I can do what I love for a living, as well as bring you splashes of colour, warmth and joy.

Character is something I cherish dearly; in fabrics, textures and bold colours so expect to see visual explosions, expert craftsmanship and original designs from all corners of the globe.