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10 Ways to transform your home into a Bohemian Heaven

If you’re just a beginner at throwing together amazing boho interiors, you might be in awe looking at beautiful, colourful and stunning images of Bohemian Chic homes, daydreaming about decorating your place in a similar style. But where to start? Here are my 10 tips on “pimping up” your home.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that Bohemian Chic is not a “rulebook” style, rather an organic development based on your own preferences, discoveries, memories and experiences.

  1.     Show off your travel adventures

Where do you usually place treasures collected on scavenger hunts around the world? A great idea is to use your memories to personalise your home and remind yourself of amazing times. This is also a great conversation starter. I would advise to go for something authentic – it could be ethnic pottery, paintings, hand-woven baskets, masks or a colourful fan on the wall or corner of your home. Sometimes an eye-catching decorative element can even be a piece of vintage tribal textile hanging on a chair.

Source: Hervé Goluza for Glamour France.

Source: The life traveller

Source: Gravity home

  1. Lose yourself in the indoor jungle

Plants are wonderful helpers for “livening up” living rooms, bedrooms and even your bathroom.  Choose between the impression of a neatly arranged park or a small wild indoor jungle. The lushness of plants brings nature closer – even if based in a busy city flat. You can create an oasis of tranquillity with just a few plants placed lovingly in a room.

One of the trendiest plants of the moment is the jolly cactus. Its cartoon-like shape and angry prickles are popping up in interiors around the planet. As opposed to the leafy relatives, cacti and succulents do not need much watering.

Source: The jungalow

Source: The life traveller

Source: Dabito

  1. Add some colours and textures using bright cushions and textiles

Mix up textures by adding colourful cushions and ethnic textiles. The cushions can be pillow-sized decorative ones or large floor poufs, bringing the seating area to the lower level. Ethnic fabrics work really well as pillow covers and blankets. Embrace your nomadic spirit with ethnic prints, intricate embroideries and textural details.

Source: Atlantis home

Source: Design Junkie

Source: Alyse studios

Source: Atlantis home

  1. Soften your steps with the help of rugs

Colourful rugs add texture to floors and help personalise almost every room, from bedroom to bathroom. Rugs, blankets and covers soften the overall image of the room and make it cosier, while adding interesting patterns to the overall image. I personally prefer colourful Moroccan Rugs, Turkish Kilims or Peruvian Frazadas.

Source: My domaine

Source: Emily Henderson

Source: Boho side

Source: Red Cherry Rodekers

  1. Mix up the textures with trendy tiles

A different type of surface can be added with tiles. Looking so Moroccan, they are currently very much on trend. Have them colourful and patterned!

Source: Justina Blakeney

Source: Justina Blakeney

Source: Jatana interiors

Source: I have this thing with floors


  1. Light it up with lamps and lanterns

The variety of lamps, lampshades and lanterns is wide, ranging from hand-woven wicker lamp shades, rattan light covers, paper lanterns, bamboo mood lamps to the ones with an intricate metalwork or with addition of coloured glass. Soft lighting adds a lot of atmosphere to a room, especially in the evening.

Source: Zoco home

Source: Norsu interiors

Source: Anthropologie

  1. Personalise your walls with decorations

Decorate your walls to achieve a colourful, happy feeling. A brightly painted wall or two adds so much personality to a room. Or, if you prefer, keep it minimal and white to balance out colourful rugs and cushions. Get crafty with beautiful macramé designs and cover your wall with tassels and ornaments.

  1. Dig out the vintage or antique wooden furniture

Old furniture has had time to develop personality. Interestingly shaped white or blonde wooden furnishing adds a lot of light to a room and balances colourful cushions. Add some extravagance with a gorgeous peacock chair or a hanging Rattan Egg chair.

Source: Nomad bubbles

Source: Paulina Arcklin

  1. Showcase your own DIY projects

If you are an arty type, express it in your home decor. Display your own craftsmanship and paintings on walls and shelves – no need to be shy about it. Try different crafts like macramé, crochet or sewing. A great way for your creative output is upcycling vintage furniture after scavenging flea markets.

Source: Frida Florentina

Source: Frida Florentina

Source: Red Cherry Rodekers

  1. Incorporate antique mirrors to your interior

Another wonderful way to extend a room and bring more light is mirrors. Old antique ones add grandeur to a space.

Source: Atlantis home

Source: Carley Summers


Experiment boldly and find your own style. The main goal is to have fun and make it cosy for you, your friends and family.Go bold. Go bright. Go any which way you like.

Which of these tips would you use in your home? Please leave your comments below