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Three talented global designers you need to know more about

Discover the most inspiring Nomadic Bohemian upholsterers who can transform any room with only one boho-chic piece.

Pre-loved, post-loved, recycled, upcycled – giving a new lease of life to old furniture with unexpected vintage textiles from all over the globe.
If you’re looking to add character and bring personality with cultural influences to your living room, then this post is for you. Update your space with my favourite interior trick: a statement chair.

I decided my first post on the blog had to reflect how Design Junkie began on Instagram in 2015, sharing the most beautiful re-upholstered chairs as a hobby. During one year, I collected photos of furniture that had the power to awaken my senses. Later in 2016, Design Junkie was born as a brand, supporting weavers from around the world.

I love to give second chances to old furniture with global textiles which celebrate the originality of each ancestral embroidery technique. Hopefully you are in the same boat as me – always curious and open to explore new and exotic fabrics.

An audacious combination of materials clashing between modern and ancient is ‘my version of perfection’. It’s all about creating new experiences, reviving old beautiful memories and indulging in diverse and cultural historical stories.

Have you heard of Beirut-based Huda Baroudi and Maria Hibri? This talented designer couple founded the brand Bokja Design in 2000.

The highly creative Lebanese duo are famous for their unique pieces of handcrafted furniture with vibrant designs full of unusual details, hidden messages and, most importantly, intertwined with positive energy which fills any room they exhibit.

They collect old textiles and use them to cover furniture that is transformed in a piece of art. Every product is made by hand with meticulous attention and love for detail.

They create a distinct aesthetic that seeks to surprise while staying true to their design philosophy. They take pride in the past but also have roots in the present. Each piece tells a story that resonates in the contemporary world.

They react to events happening around them and the world and interpret the stories in their own voice.
Instagram @bokjadesign

I discovered Birbor 3 years ago. I love their unique style, their stunning furniture caught my eye. BirBor is a celebration of an Asian and Eastern European way of life translated into furniture.


The collections of the Moscow-based furniture brand comprise of restored vintage pieces that have been upholstered with the intricacy of hand embroidered ethnic textiles as well as traditional and modern fabrics. The final production takes place in Russia but all the details are sourced from all other the world creating a unique and distinctive piece.

Victoria Marinina and her team restore and re-upholster each vintage piece with exotic centuries-old hand-worked fabric from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan that tell unique stories from the fabled Silk Road.
Each piece makes a bold style statement and instantly adds colour and character to any living room.

Pure eye-candy!
Instagram @birbor

Merijam Roelofs is the founder and creator of Folk Project, iconic one-of-a-kind boho-chic pieces of furniture, bags and home accessories.

Folk Project, inspired by the color and pattern play of indigenous cultures and costumes from Guatemala and Mexico, uses a raw material known as the Huipil, which is an essential piece of the Central American traditional costume.


Her work focuses on these ancient textiles sourced mainly from Guatemala and Mexico. Her goal on these trips is to purchase vintage huipiles, the traditional blouse that Mayan woman wear, and their cortes, or skirt.

Merijam saysThrough Folk Project’s creations, we aim to highlight the creative work of the indigenous woman who often remains invisible to modern society. By using huipil in the world of modern living, we hope to showcase their craft on a global platform and give them the acknowledgement they deserve.”
Instagram @folkproject

What do you think? Would you put a statement chair in your house? Please share ideas and suggestions in the comments box below.

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